Click here to download Section One - Pages 1-23, Index, Gate and Door fittings, Gate Fasteners, Locking Bars - Hasp and Staples, Fittings for Domestic Gates, New Zealand Gate Fittings.

Click here to download Section Two - Pages 24-46, Fencing Equipment, Chain, Chain and Rope Accessories, Wire Mesh, Pegs and Stakes, Wire Rope and Stainless Accessories, Chain Accessories.

Click here to download Section Three - Pages 47-66, Cattle Items, Stable and Milking Parlour Fittings, Traps, Holloware - Dustbins buckets etc, Lorry Fittings and Towing Accessories, Pulleys and Hooks, Harrow - Teeth and Tines.

Click here to download Section Four - Pages 67-98, Miscellaneous Fixings, Roofing Fixings, Builders Fittings - Ironwork, Tools, Fire Place Fittings etc, Padlocks, Household - Door Fittings, Window Fasteners, Spare - general, Door Furniture, Storage, Miscellaneous items.

Click here to download Section Five - Pages 99-120 Gate Kits - Hook and Band, Field and Gate Hinge Band, Field Gate Furniture, Field Gate Hook Eyes - Clean Step, Hinges, Plates and Braces.

Click here to download Section Six - Pages 120-128, SL Products Pre-packed Ranges. Please note we can also pre-pack almost any of the products above, contact us to discuss your requirements.